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one of the original pioneers of the Chapman Stick.



Bob began playing guitar in 1968. His first interest was Bluegrass fingerstyle,

later he formed 2 local Rock bands.  After becoming a guitar teacher

at Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California, he joined-up with his own

guitar teacher Jim Bruno to form the Stickband.  This band was created

only a month after Bob picked up the Stick. 

Throughout the late 70's and 80's Bob, Jim Bruno, and various other

artists played throughout the Bay area. 

Bob experimented with some of his wild creations featured in

Guitar player Magazine.  

These included:
Mannequin Guitar, (Made of a 6' tall mannequin with fretboard in the leg)
TV Guitar with (12" TV body playing videos)
Frisbee guitar (Circular body Bob could spin, flip and roll across his body)
Slide Harp. (Steel harp plus tap slide guitar played simultaneously)
Double guitar, (Playing double lead solos in the Stick style)

During this time Bob also wrote the book Touch System for Guitar which displays his own unique double lead style.

After twelve very successful years with the band, Bob went on to continue experimenting with new concepts,

forming the group African Rain.  This group featured eight lead vocalists performing a unique combination of

African and Western music.  Later, the group teamed up with Babatunde Olatunji, know as the ambassador of African drumming. 

After a four year stint with African Rain, Bob decided to go on a seven year tour of the US playing solo at

almost every major festival in the nation.  Focusing strictly on pushing the envelope on the Stick, he transposed

music from Motzart, Bach, Beethoven, Albenz, Terriega, Segovia and others.  Bob also continued to study World

and Jazz styles as well.

While touring, Bob came up with a cutting edge idea that would have the Stick world buzzing.  With the help

of Emmett Chapman and luthier, Craig Anderson, the first all acoustic tapping instrument was created.

Bob received a four star review in Down Beat magazine for his first recording of the instrument, a CD titled AcouStic Dawn.

Currently Bob is teaching at major seminars throughout the world with the Stick and continues

to tour the country playing at festivals.  He has also authored the definitive video Stick course for

Stick Enterprises, titled Lessons on the Stick.  

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