"The Segovia
        of the Stick"
Selections include Maleguena, Captian's Daughter, Funeral For A Friend, Down The Road and a new arangement of Greensleeves. The stages are computer animated. The performance is live.

The combination of performance and animation makes for a very exciting audio and visual experience!
Un Viaje Clasico

A DVD release of Bob playing live using both the Stick and Acoustic Stick with a computer generated background.  A variety of styles are performed on this DVD.
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A Moment In Time
This all solo recording brings out crystal clear representation of the Stick. The 12 original songs are a romantic mix of Spanish, Celtic and Bob's classical sound.
Cafe San Francisco
With a touch of blues and mellow jazz, soloist Bob Culbertson takes you to that little cafe on the streets of the city. This 12 song, all solo CD features some smooth bluesy lead work on the Stick.
The Touch
The music on this CD is a blend of soaring arpeggios and folk-jazz melodys. These 12 original tracks feature a more progressive and original approach to composition.
Romantica 1
The first of a 2 part set of popular traditional music on the Stick. This all solo recording features classical compositions  Fur Elise, Lieberstrum, Cannon in D, Moonlight Sonata as well as two original compositions.
Season Of Joy
This all solo recording features traditional and Christmas songs. The soft sound of the Stick creates a nice atmosphere for the holidays featuring some beautiful classical style improvisations. 
AcouStick Dawn
The first CD ever recorded on the acoustic Stick. The original music uses a variety of influences including Spanish, contemporary, & classical.  Bob also plays his own arrangements of Little Wing, Mood for a Day, Leyenda and Toccata & Fuge.          $15.00
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Lessons on the Stick
Volumes 1 & 2

This comprehensive video course for Stick players includes lessons ranging from beginner to advanced.

Volume 1 (Beginner to Intermediate):
- Introduction
- Basic Techniques
- Three Chords
- Major and Minor Chords
- Add Rhythm
- Bass Line and Independence
- Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
- Blues
- Arpeggios
- Bass Scale
- Right Hand Chords
- Left Hand Chords
- Scale Patterns
- Blues Progression
- Lead Blues Parts


Volume 2 (Intermediate to Advanced):
- Chord Combinations I
- Soloing
- Two Hand Independence
- Bass Techniques
- Two Hand Arpeggios
- Left Hand Thumb
- Right Hand Thumb
- Chord Matching
- Unison
- Right Hand Chord Tricks
- Chord Combinations II
- Two-Handed Chord Techniques
- Slapping, Rhythms and Split Chords
- Right Hand Articulations
- Polyrhythms
- Advanced Left Hand Techniques I
- Advanced Left Hand Techniques II
- Effects


Celtic Waters
A new album of traditional Celtic songs on the Stick.  17 tracks, several of which are duos accompanied by wooden flute or cello.
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Digital Download of this album available through Bandcamp.com
Beatles on the Stick
Bob's latest CD is a collection of 18 classic Beatle's songs performed on the Stick.
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