"The Segovia
        of the Stick"
Photo Gallery
Bob 1968  (Photo by Mom)
Live in Holland 2005 (Photo by Erwin Cardol)
Playing the Acoustic live from the planet Aekiana.  (Photo by Bryan Coleman, from video)
Performing at the Cellar in Vancouver, March 2005.  Also on the bill: Jim Meyer and Jim Reilly from Canada.
At the beach.  (Photo by Doug Korns)
Bob Culbertson, Chapman Stick Soloist
Janning with Michael Manring (Photos by Bryan Coleman, from video)
World Stick Seminar, November 2003.  The seminar was organized by Bob & Jim Bruno.  66 stick players from several countries attended.
Live in Japan
Playing with Sean Ryan in Sydney Australia
Stick Orchestra '88
Playing with the Big Band in Holland with Ron Baggerman.  Was that a C#m7b5 or Amaj9 ?
Performing at the Detroit Institute of the Arts in 2003.  Also on the bill, Stickist Greg Howard.
Opening for Alan Holdsworth at New Georges in San Rafael, 1993
Live in Zaandam (Photo by Erwin Cardol)
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