"The Segovia
        of the Stick"
I have completed the Beatles CD compilation, Beatles on the Stick. Most of the CD was recorded live on camera and posted on YouTube. Go to Beatlesblackbird.com to view them.

Sticklessons.com offers free Stick lessons with new videos added from time to time.

I am looking to offer Skype lessons. Please email if you are interested or have any questions:  Bob@stickmusic.com

I hope to release my new duo project with drummer, Rick Alegria, this fall. The music is entirely recorded live and we are on the final mastering stages. The title, Cause and Affect, refers to the spontaneous interaction between the players.

I have another solo project titled Colors, which I hope to release by this Spring. The music is pretty avant-garde with progressive and classical styles in the mix.              
Bob Culbertson is a Stick virtuoso who has spent over 35 years cultivating his unique sound.  His combination of expression, technique and musical emotion is like nothing heard before. 

Culbertson's recordings have been described as "the sound of the Stick in its purest form" because they are recorded live with only a mild touch of ambient reverb.                                 
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Other projects are coming as they develop such as a new Blues oriented CD and a CD with Gypsy flavors.

As you can see, along with my wonderful family, I have been quite busy and appreciate your patience over the past few years!      
Beatles on the Stick is a collection of 18 classic Beatle's songs performed on the Stick.  This CD is now available here...
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Bob Culbertson
Illustrate the Stick, by Bob himself, is a full-color coffee table book with photos about the Stick. It's the first book about the Stick ever published. It features Emmett Chapman's shop, me, an assortment of Sticks, a view inside the pick-up, the history of the Stick, and more...