"The Segovia
        of the Stick"

With well over 100,000 albums sold and several hundred students to his credit, Bob Culbertson is one of the most influential touch soloists today.  His musical style ranges from light jazz with folk and blues flavor to classical with Spanish, contemporary, and traditional influences.
Bob began playing the Stick over 30 years ago when introduced to the instrument by its inventor, Emmett Chapman.  The Stick is a ten to twelve- string instrument that bears both guitar and bass elements.  The player taps the strings with their fingertips to make sound vibrations, similar to playing a piano.  Each hand moves independently of the other to produce a rich blend of melodies, bass, and chords.  The sound of the stick is transcending and the visual of the musician playing the instrument truly captivating.

Culbertson’s recordings have been described as “the sound of the Stick in its purest form”.  His CD releases are live, solo recordings with the use of no effects except a small ambient use of reverb. 

Bob’s most recent projects broke historical ground in the music world.  He played an integral role in the development of the first acoustic stick, designed purely for the tapping method of playing.  Bob has since released Acoustick Dawn, the first ever recording with such an instrument. 

Bob plays a variety of festivals, gigs, and concerts annually. He has toured nearly every state in the US as well as over fifteen countries worldwide including France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan. 

His concerts include openings and performances with the popular acts; Robin Trower, Robben Ford, Eric Martin, Tuck and Patti, Steve Morse, Doobie Brothers, Allan Holdsworth, Sheila E, Leon Russell, Dave Mason, Babatunde Olatunji, Neal Schon, Alex De Grassi, Fattburger, Micky Hart, Zakir Hussain, Fog Hat, David Grisman, Abraxas, Robin Hitchcock, and members of Santana.


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